Friday, February 10, 2012

A few minor changes...

I landed in Dulles Airport in Washington DC on Wednesday, after over 24 hours of traveling and heard the greatest words: "Welcome back to the United States."

A few things I've noticed:
1. It's so clean! There is no trash anywhere and there are trashcans everywhere.
2. There are so many cars.
3. Everyone speaks English! It's a beautiful thing.
4. There is SO much water in the toilet bowl.
5. They clean your room and give you fresh, soft towels every day in hotels. I'm in heaven.
6. People love to talk about the GOP race.
7. Everyone is in a hurry.
8. Food is everywhere.
9. Washington DC is itching for springtime while I'm enjoying a lovely break from the heat.
10. Everything is electronic. Yesterday, a girl at GAP asked if I wanted by receipt emailed to me or printed. Seriously?

I feel really weird not having a phone. I'm also still on Togo time, so I keep waking up at 3 o'clock in the morning ready to start my day. I love this country!