Friday, June 4, 2010

To Togo I Go

I'm packing up my hotel room in Arlington, VA in preparation to spend the next 27 months in Togo. Yesterday, I flew from Wilmington, NC to NYC to Washington DC to meet my fellow volunteers and have an orientation. There are 28 of us - some Small Enterprise Development (SED) and some CHAP (it's a health volunteer but I already forgot exactly what it stands for). We are going to the clinic here in DC to get some vaccinations and then we are off to Paris. We have 8 hours in Paris and most of the people here are very experienced travelers so they want to venture into the city. I hope we can! From Paris, it's off to Lome, the capital of Togo where we will meet current PCVs (Peace Corps Volunteers) and the country staff. From there we will split into SED and CHAP to begin 11 weeks of training.

I'm a little nervous because everyone here speaks some French. I'm the only one who has NO experience whatsoever. I guess I will learn to get really great at non-verbal communication!

I'm going to be late for breakfast! Write more when I can.

Au Revoir,

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