Thursday, September 2, 2010

I’m a real Peace Corps Volunteer! 7 Aug 2010

Well, I took my oath and yesterday, I arrived at my post to begin my two years of service. The swear-in ceremony was great! It was held at our country director’s house which is a big, beautiful house in Lome. Our host families all came, and we all gave speeches in our local language. My family had a dress made for the me to wear at the ceremony. I guess they coordinated with another family near me because my friend, Elise, and I had exactly the same dress! Twins.

I’m living in temporary housing right now because the volunteer in Pagala isn’t leaving until the 16th. It kind of sucks, but I am excited to move into my house and make it my own! My first day at post was spent as follows:

6: Wake up

6:30: Get out of bed

6:45: Make a list of things to do for the day

7:00: A little girl came to my house to get me water and do my laundry

7:30: Breakfast (a piece of bread with nutella and 2 bananas)

8:00: Called my homologue to tell him I’m in Pagala and in desperate need of a French tutor! He came over around the same time my laundry was finished, so he helped me hang my laundry and said he’d help me find tutor.

9:00 Chill/Sudoku

10:00 Went for a walk

11:00 Met a girl on my walk and she brought me over the meet her family and drink tchouk, a local drink.

12:00 Ate lunch (tomato sandwich) and put pictures on my computer. Maybe one of these days, I can post them online.

1:20 NOW. I need to go to the market, but am waiting on some other volunteers to get here. So I’m probably going to study French on my porch. They say the first 3 months at post are the hardest. I hope so. I’m bored!

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